How To Make A Room Divider

A room divider is a perfect way to instantly turn any space into multi-use spaces with privacy. However, you might not know how to do this project by yourself and don’t have the money for one. You can easily build your room dividers at home without spending too much time or money on them.

Here are some of our favorite DIY project ideas that will inspire you to create your dividers today. These projects are simple and easy enough so anyone can do them. Also, you have to put away your carpentry and drywall skills aside and focus on simple tools and easy-to-handle materials. Let’s get started!

Ikea Pax Door Room Divider

This is a very simple and budget-friendly room divider you can use for your home improvement. There’s no home with an Ikea hack currently living in it that doesn’t have this room divider. You can install this in your studio apartment just like Jules Yap, the founder of Ikea hackers. You can create your design with frosted glass, which would be great, especially if you’re using it for your bathroom, so you don’t have that fogged-up effect or keep changing the blinds all the time. 

They come in large sizes that can stretch from your ceiling 7 feet and up to 12 feet. It also comes with a lip or a bar on the edge of the door, so it’ll stay in place when you open and close it without falling flat against your wall. But if you want to remove the pins, they can easily be pushed out from one side all at once.

Install a Barn Door

Consider installing a DIY sliding barn door if your space looks large. They’re cheap and easy to build, look great, and are a fun, functional way to add privacy, especially if you don’t have room for curtains or blinds. 

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Barn doors consist of two hinged panels that roll along a metal rail on the wall. If you want to hang it from a ceiling, you need a ceiling mount kit consisting of a metal frame that attaches to your ceiling and ceiling tracks along which the door slides.

Get Folding Screens

Folding screens add drama and beauty to any room. These are light, foldable partitions used in Japan to divide spaces. They look like more solid versions of dividers seen at stores when you go shopping for clothes. 

A folding screen is paneled with either wood or paper over a frame made of bamboo, metal, or other material. They’re easy to move around, which allows you to adjust your room’s layout at will. You can also opt for folding dividers if you can’t get these folding screens.

Consider Custom Panels

Whenever you need a little division of your space, think of white PVC panels. These are large, durable, and can be fitted into the layout you want. The great thing about white PVC panels is that you can cut them to fit your space perfectly while still using them as partitions. You don’t need to worry if you like the white color because they’re easily paintable.

dd Dividers with Shelves

Shelving units are one of the most versatile home furnishings out there. During the day, they store your books and other items, while you can partition them off at night to create temporary dividers for rooms. 

Shelving unit is not only a great room divider, it also gives your space a decorative touch. A bookshelf can be a stylish and effective room divider.

Use Hanging Window as Room Divider

Hanging window dividers are the perfect option if you want to divide a large area without interfering with your open floor plan. You can optimize even the smallest spaces for multiple functions by using hanging windows as dividers that separate the bedroom from the living room, bathroom, or whatever else you have. The best part? You can’t even tell the window isn’t real.

Use Hanging Window as Room Divider
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Chicken Wire Room Divider

Charming Stylish Room Divider with Chicken Wire! This is a perfect example of an airy, elegant room divider that can divide the space without leaving too much of an impact on the room’s style. So, don’t stash away that outdated trifold room divider; instead, retain its wood frame and replace its three panels with a single chicken wire panel to create a spacious area divider.

Sheet Music Divider

A room divider doesn’t have to be complicated. All it has to do is define the boundaries of your space without looking like a typical wall that cuts up the room. Why not try this sheet music divider if you’re a music lover? 

Sheet Music Divider
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Just by gluing together some old or discarded sheet music, you can easily create a room divider that will surely make your space look more captivating and appealing.

Pot-Painted Divider With Chalkboard Paints

Instead of purchasing a new divider for your home, why not just recycle those old colorful pots to create one? If you have a couple of unattractive plastic pots. Paint them with chalkboard paint and stick them on some vinyl that is in the color you like. Just like that, your new divider is done.

dd Succulent Garden in Your Home

Consider hanging plants to separate your room without taking up too much space. Just put some colored wires on the wall and add potted succulent plants in your living area. You can create a divider that will surely bring life to your home. Succulent plants are a great option because they’re very small, easy to take care of, and you can even give them as a decoration gift.

Section Your Sleeping Place with Curtains

Try sectioning your home with curtains. This is a perfect solution if you’re living in an apartment or condominium. Just hang long curtains and make sure that they reach the floor to look like a private room. The bonus point of using this method is that you can easily open the whole curtain and let the sunlight in when curtain dividers are not used. You can also learn how to make curtains and save time and money.

Divide Your Room Using Partitions

If you’re renting a room, then this is one of the most practical options for ensuring room organization. There are different partition designs that can be used in dividing rooms, such as acrylic partitions that come with a very sleek and polished look. You can also create a living wall in your living space by hanging a wall planter.

There are also more permanent-type partitions that can be used, like screens or the traditional wall partitions. Room dividers might not work for you if you’re living in a bigger place, but it’s still ideal to use partition designs when renting a space because you’ll never know when your landlord will ask you to leave.

Hang Your Mess Fashionably in the Hidden Closet

Don’t worry if you don’t have a closet in your bedroom. It is the most comfortable room in your house, and every person wants to spend most of their time there. You can divide your bedroom into different stuff by using hanging rods or folding screens. The secret of this design is that you must hide all the equipment behind sliding doors or a cloth curtain.

Fabric Screen Rack Room Divider

This DIY room divider idea is customizable and allows you to play with colors and shapes. The partitions are made of fabric or PVC boards, and the stand is designed from metal rods and tubes. You can also use a plumbing pipe cut in half for the legs. Stretch your fabric across the pipe, and there you have a divider. You can also update the design by using buttons to attach the fabric to the pipe.

Cardboard Screen

If you’re looking for a temporary divider, then don’t spend too much on expensive materials. With cardboard boxes, paper, and creativity, you can make your own functional, visually

appealing DIY room divider. Maybe you are just in need of a dining room for your guests who won’t stay for long.

DIY Multifunctional Room Divider

Partition your small home office with this DIY divider. You can use freestanding wood trifold on one side and then paint the other side with chalkboard paint. To store the office supplies, you can put them on a couple of shelves, and it also serves as decoration.

Repurpose Your Clothing Rack

Use a clothing rack to separate your bed from the rest of your space. Don’t use the rack for hanging clothes. Instead, turn it into home decor. With this, your bed will not only be functional, but it can also serve as storage.

DIY Geometric Fretwork Screen

If you’re looking for a divider that separates your room while providing fresh air into your space, then look no further. DIY fretwork screen does just that. This is a project that you need to be careful of when doing measurements to come out easily.

FAQs on How to Make a Room Divider

What is the cheapest way to divide a room?

Dividing a room is not that expensive. If you’re looking for the cheapest way to divide your family, then start by repurposing your clothing rack as you climb the ladder.

What can you use instead of a room divider?

Dividing a room is very simple. You can use anything, starting with the rope, pallet wood, vinyl records, repurposed doors, and metal.

Final Verdict on How to Make a Room Divider

What are you waiting for? Create a sense of peace and balance with these room divider ideas. These DIY room divider ideas can help change the layout of your room, provide privacy, and maximize your storage space. Give any of the above options a try.



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