Decisions You Should Make Before Calling a Kitchen and Bath Contractor

Bathroom renovation contractors.


Having a poorly functioning kitchen can ruin the fun joy of cooking in no time, even if you are a dedicated cook. Your kitchen should be a place that makes your cooking tasks easier and encourages you in preparing great meals, not a sad scullery where creativity dies.

If your kitchen does more hindrance than support, it’s probably time to think about a kitchen remodeling. But going into a major kitchen renovation without a solid action plan can be a perfect recipe for disaster.

Before calling a contractor or even clicking on those beautiful photos on Pinterest (yes, we understand they are tempting but try to repel), it’s essential to determine precisely what you need and what you want to accomplish by remodeling your bath or kitchen. And to do that, you should ask yourself some critical questions.

Below we will share some less known secrets about the process. Are you ready?

The Approach

In reality, think about the process as you starting a small business, and whether you like it or not, you are the CEO of this remodeling business. Yes, we are serious. You will be engaged in a partnership with your contractor, and the primary goal will be to increase the value of your place and make your kitchen or bath better than ever before. To make your partnership and project a success, you need to be hands-on in the process.

This is the reason we request users to do some homework and research before calling any contractor.

Having said, before you start your small business, AKA, remodeling your kitchen or bath, here are a few things you must decide before calling or hiring a contractor.


Best of Houzz contractors 2021
Best of Houzz contractors 2021

Do the research and determine your budget.

We at Explore Kitchens try to offer higher returns for your bucks. We thrive our best to deliver the desired results within your budget. We request all of our clients to calculate what they can afford to spend realistically.

When you decide on your budget beforehand, your contractor can recommend or suggest the best products and designs without breaking your bank.

Once clients share their overall budget, many are pleasantly surprised at the options they can afford. Here are some vital things in this regard:

Secure financing or keeps funds available before hiring a contractor. It allows us to lock in the best deals, as prices and supply can change overnight.Ensure that you have set a realistic budget and you are comfortable with it. Don’t forget to keep some funds aside for any change in the order and the add-ons you decide on in the process.Get up-front pricing for as many items as possible to get a clear picture of the cost of your bath or kitchen renovation.

Establish a schedule.

No one likes the presence of contractors and teams in their homes for long. Hence, before you engage a crew of home improvement experts to rebuild your kitchen or bath, establish a schedule and try it as per your preferences.

Construction timelines can be tricky, and our primary goal is to finish the project on time. Unnecessary delays and changes to the schedule can be expensive.

Every project is our top priority, but please remember that you are not the only one to whom we are answerable; many others are on our calendar for your project.

Some other important things that you must think about are:

Consider your family calendar. Do you need your newly designed kitchen for a birthday, anniversary, or other family celebration?Are you expecting any guests that need the spare bath, which is under remodeling? That’s important to know.How soon will you be starting your project? Contractors need lead time to order material and products. Please try to reach out as early as possible for bath or kitchen remodeling projects.

Furthermore, discuss the schedule in detail with your contractor. It would be best if you had a clear picture of when they will start the work and when it will be completed and understand every milestone along the way.

Even if the contractor promises to finish the renovation in three months, you should ask them follow-up questions to ensure that they are well-prepared for potential setbacks and considered every contingency.

Some common but important question that you must ask your contractor are:

Are they working on any other project that might affect the timeline? How will they manage any delays in the schedule?Will they inspect any structural issues that can affect the renovation?Can I use my Kitchen during the renovation?

Not all owners can go on vacation or rent another place for the duration of the renovation. So, ensurethat your contractor has a practical plan to make a living as pleasant as possible during the process.

Note your existing space.

Have a cup of coffee and take your time to look over your existing kitchen and bath before opting for any significant change or before making important decisions about the renovation.

You may find there is a lot to love in your present kitchen or bath. While the renovation is tempting, it can be an expensive core, so as the CEO of this business, think wisely and make the right decision.


Mid-luxury Arley wholesale bathroom tile
Mid-luxury Arley wholesale bathroom tile

Here are some handy tips for you:

You can keep things that are in working order. If they require any change or design upgrades, your contractor can suggest a replacement that provides you the same feeling.Insist on replacing the things or accessories that you don’t use or like. You will have to live with them. Renovation is not the task that you frequently perform.Take some clear smartphone pictures to show your contractor. This is invaluable when it comes time to plan the job.

Spending some time planning the project on your own will give you a better idea about your space and what you exactly want. Thinking about colors, styles, and materials in advance will put you and the whole project on the right path.

How do you use the space?

Everyone is not a gourmet chef. Seriously, if you don’t need a massive granite island countertop to bake for an army, we don’t want to sell it to you. On the other hand, you want to include as many of the features you’ll use as possible. We want you to be deliriously happy with the kitchen or bath we install for you.

Need a large double vanity in your bathroom? Great! But deciding this halfway through the process will cost you time and money.

Start with the workspace; how much and what kind do you need?If it’s a bath remodel, go over your daily routine. Are there definite changes you want to make or features you want to upgrade?Consider tool and linen storage, appliance layout, and traffic patterns. Does your family eat in the kitchen? Do you need extra seating?

It’s all about your preferences and style

Don’t hesitate to share images of your dream kitchens with your kitchen designer and your contractor. Please make an idea file with pictures, notes, and links to all the sources.

However, if you’re not sure what your flair is, give our style a try. Whether you are looking for new and creative ideas or know exactly what changes you need in your kitchen or bath, consult with our professional designers early in the renovation process.

Designers at Kitchen Kitchens can provide you suggestions that will be money-saving, increase your storage option, add a unique touch, and you can get the maximum advantage of your space.

Some other vital considerations beforeCalling a Kitchen and Bath Contractor: 

With a positive mindset and approach, you can get your ideal kitchen or bath. In our opinion, it would be better to follow these simple things:

You should know the exact place to start working on your design palette.Provide your contractor with options instead of any specific demand in each category as it will give you the best chance to get your dream place.Be sure you incorporate the rest of your existing decor in your design decisions, especially areas that can be seen from your kitchen or bath.Select a color palette and some images of designs you can draw inspiration from. The more you bring us to work with, the easier our partnership will be.

Lastly, our experts are always willing to do the best for you. We’ve set up our site expressly to help you envision your ideal kitchen or bath. Feel free to consult the project with us anytime!


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