Cangshan knives

Cangshan Cutlery makes some of the best kitchen knives in the market. As you will see from our review below, they have a good range of knives and the quality is very high.

In this article, we will go over some of the advantages and disadvantages of Cangshan knives, as well as give you our recommendations on which ones we think are best. We will also talk about their warranty policy in case you need to use it for any reason.

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Cangshan Review: Are their best knife sets worth it?

Cangshan’s Japanese-inspired chef knife is constructed using African blackwood for the blades. The N1 series features a hollow steel handle that provides optimal balance aesthetics and comfort. The X is a sleek and futuristic appeal featuring a geometric two-colored handle and a bolstered design for a more natural fit.

The Thomas Keller Collection won the 2019 Red Dot Design Awards for its sleek design. The classic Ikon Creme knife has a glossy cream color and can be considered a great conversation starter. It celebrates tradition with triple rivets and a visible ring but the handle is a fun topic for conversation.


All Wusthof knives were forged except for the Gourmet collection. Cangshan knives are laser cut from steel wire before sharpening and heat-treatment. All blades went through precise six-stage heat treatments. This process required four months of research and development.

The current heat-activated technique provides a 16 ft blade angle so blades remain sharp even through deterioration. Several inspections are performed on every knife that a passionate bladesmith produces to guarantee the best possible machining. The TG series, the W series, and the p2 series are stamped while the rest of the collection are forged. The Ikon and Classic Ikon Knives are designed in double bolstering.

Knife Collections

Wusthof has 7 knives. From these, the classic, Ikon, the classic Ikon, and Grand Prix II are the most popular types of kitchen knives. Cangshan offers 25 knives collections including The S1 and The Thomas Keller. The S1 collection is a popular 2-piece carving set. The Thomas Keller Signature Collection uses a metal body for incredible durability and attractiveness. The whole handle is uniquely crafted and comfortable. Hence aesthetics and minimalism are both important. The clean white looks are very beautiful for any kitchen. They are practical because of their ergonomic handle and comfortable grip.

Thomas Keller Signature Collection by Cangshan

Since Cangshan started working in December 2015 their line of knives has received 31 design awards for superior design. In 2019 the Michelin-starred chef Thomas Keller became our brand ambassador. He launched the brand’s exclusive prime knife collection which won a Red Dot, German Design, and IF Design award.

These knives are made by very real and passionate artisans crafted in Yangjiang, an excellent knife town with a long history of knife making. Henry Liu founded a Chinese company so he could bring American Dreams into reality for his family and his employees. 

Overview of Cangshan Knives

Cangshan (Kang-Shan) Knifes was founded in China by Henry Liu and named for the city where he was born. Liu began his kitchenware firm in China then moved for a while to the Americas. Their knives are used by the most distinguished cooking professionals in the area.

In 2018, Cangshan and chef Thomas Keller developed a new knife series. It launched with four unique handle designs and has generally positive reviews on Amazon. Currently, the company has 27 patterns and won 28 awards including Red Dot Awards and Germany prizes. 

Blade Hardness

Most knife sizes go between 55 and 62 on the Rockwell scale. The lower the numbers are, the stronger the materials. A softer steel is more malleable and easier to cut. Harder steel has greater sharpness but is not so durable.

Cangshan urges users to be kinder toward the higher-score knives as their weight tends to be smaller. The blades made of German steel average between 56-60 and the Japanese and Swedish steel range about 58 to 62. Nevertheless, Wusthof knives scored 58 on the scale. Gourmet’s range is somewhat soft.

What to look for when buying a steak knife

Choosing a steak knife is important. These knives are not complicated to make but they do have some specific features which you should consider when buying. For one thing, the handles of this type of knife are usually made from wood wrapped in stainless steel or plastic, and the handles need to be comfortable for you to hold. You may also want them to match your existing cutlery with other kitchen appliances so bear that in mind too.

Another factor to consider is the size of your budget, and whether you want a full set or one knife for now. 

If you would like a very high-quality, versatile steak knife which will last and look good for many years, Cangshan knives are the best option. With just one or two you can enjoy top-quality cutting in your kitchen. The full set is luxury – all without paying more than you need to for it.

Cangshan Thomas Keller Signature Collection knife set review
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Final thoughts on Cangshan knives

In conclusion, Cangshan knives are the very best in terms of quality, durability, and customer service. They can stand up to repeated use-though they do need to be rinsed and dried after each use if you want them to last for a long time. The company believes that these knives will last for a lifetime with proper care and usage.

Keep the above tips in mind when buying your knives and you will be happy with your purchase of these high-quality steak knives.


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