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My Recipes: Mixed Berries and Banana Smoothie

Last week I posted three recipes on how you can make your boring oats into exciting and delicious breakfast meal to kick start your day. Now, I’m trying to experiment on smoothies  and this is my first recipe for the week. Continue reading “My Recipes: Mixed Berries and Banana Smoothie”

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Food & Beverage Reviews: Independencia at Marco Polo Plaza Cebu

Experience the best of Northern Filipino cuisine through Marco Polo Plaza Cebu’s “Culinary Journey” Independencia: Flavors of Northern Philippines. Continue reading “Food & Beverage Reviews: Independencia at Marco Polo Plaza Cebu”

My Recipes: Spicy Tuna Wheat Wraps

So last week, I posted a recipe for chicken avocado wraps. Now, I’ve got a couple of friends requesting for pescatarian friendly recipe to be featured here on my website. The wait is over, this tasty recipe will surely satisfy your pescatarian appetite!

Aside from being delicious, it is also low in calories. Continue reading “My Recipes: Spicy Tuna Wheat Wraps”

My Recipes: Healthy Chicken Avocado Wheat Wraps w/ Honey Silly Boy Sauce

up close

Making this delicious recipe for lunch or dinner is a perfect meal that will only take a few minutes to make!

With a few slices of rich, buttery avocado that easily compliments with chicken in this filling and satisfying recipe. Very simple and delicious, this chicken and avocado wraps recipe is your go-to food on busy days. Continue reading “My Recipes: Healthy Chicken Avocado Wheat Wraps w/ Honey Silly Boy Sauce”

Food & Beverage Reviews: Bastap – Your Only Pit Stop When Heading North

If you are traveling up the northern part of Cebu, Bastap is a perfect pit stop for a delicious full Filipino meal, snack, coffee or a cold beer! Bastap is a one stop shop with services ranging from fast-food, bakery, coffee shop, KTV/bar, and convenience store. Continue reading “Food & Beverage Reviews: Bastap – Your Only Pit Stop When Heading North”

Life + Style: Flamenco Azul is Your New Massage Destination in Cebu

so happy to be here

In a city where health and wellness is becoming a popular trend, this new salon and spa place quickly rises to the top of my favorite list when it comes to their massage service. Enter Flamenco Azul, a Mediterranean inspired salon & spa in the center of the city that is out to make massage accessible for all.  The spa is located at the second level of The Ridges Commercial Center.  Continue reading “Life + Style: Flamenco Azul is Your New Massage Destination in Cebu”

Food & Beverage Reviews: Marco Polo Plaza Cebu is Your New Sunday Brunch Destination

Start planning your Sunday brunch now.

This is probably one of the most anticipated, versatile and decadent meal of the week, brunch with friends and family is a great way to enjoy gourmet food on a laid-back weekend. Linger with some pancake burgers (Manna I got this from you), battered chicken,  sip a glass of chardonnay, or dive into a savory plate of medium well roasted beef. At brunch, life is close to perfection.

There’s no better place in Cebu to have brunch than at the Marco Polo Plaza Cebu, where there are endless, unparalleled options. Last May 21, Marco Polo Plaza Cebu launched its very first Sunday Brunch Plus and I am one of the lucky few to experience the NEW Sunday lifestyle destination. Continue reading “Food & Beverage Reviews: Marco Polo Plaza Cebu is Your New Sunday Brunch Destination”

My Recipes: Breakfast Oatmeal Smoothie

I know what you’re thinking or imagining (hahahah).

Oats…in a smoothie?! But it is not as weird as it may sound. Hear me out: Oatmeal gives smoothies a thicker, more filling consistency, a boost of fiber, and a kick of protein, too. Continue reading “My Recipes: Breakfast Oatmeal Smoothie”

Food & Beverage Reviews: The Pyramid – Cebu’s Newest Landmark

When in Cebu, dining can be whatever you want it to be. It can be a hole in the wall restaurant that serves to-die-for Cebuano favorites, a casual meal with friends from a family-owned restaurant, or a white tablecloth and a good bottle of wine accompanying a delicious four course meal. It all boils down on your budget, time and your preference. What about a restaurant choice that appeals to your taste of adventure with an ambiance like no other? if you are tired of your usual go to place, there is a unique Cebu City restaurant that will definitely leave you in awe. Continue reading “Food & Beverage Reviews: The Pyramid – Cebu’s Newest Landmark”

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