Free Carpet Installation: What to Know Before You Buy

Buying a new carpet can be confusing and time-consuming, especially if it’s your first time. Getting the right carpet that meets all your needs gives you comfort and enhances the look of your house. 

A good way to ensure that you buy exactly what you need is to ask for free installation when buying carpet from a reputable carpet store. This ensures that they have enough expertise on hand to install everything correctly without any problem. 

We have put together this guide to help you find out what type of carpet is best for different parts of your house, how much it costs, and how to buy one.

What to Do Before Buying a New Carpet

Before buying a carpet, do your homework by learning what makes one carpet better than the other. Learn everything you need to know on how to buy the best carpet. Take a free carpet foot traffic test to discover which carpet is best for your home. Learn about scams and rip offs to avoid buying a confusing carpet. 

Carry out interior painting at least one month before the new carpet installation or wait until the carpet is installed. Carpet backing is very abrasive and can scratch painted surfaces, especially on walls and baseboards.

What to Do During Carpet Buying Process

Shop for the grade of carpet you require first, then look for several carpet colors and styles. It can be very pricey to change grades after buying the carpet, so do ample research before shopping. Members of your family may have strong feelings about what type of carpet you should buy.

If possible, take them with you during the shopping for a second opinion. While at the store, bring along old carpet samples from other rooms in your home to compare the grade by the side. Make sure you get several estimates from your locally-owned carpet dealers.

Get these estimates in writing and get every detail written down in writing. The carpet dealer should be able to provide you with a spec sheet of any carpet you’re seriously interested in. Don’t be pressured into buying or agree to buy on the first visit, whether it’s in home appointment or in store.

Take Your Time While Choosing New Carpet

Don’t buy on the first visit. Take your time to make sure you are getting the best carpet pad. There are many carpet brands out there, but not all are top quality brand names that will last a long time. Doing some research on different carpets can help you determine which one is the best buy for your money. If possible, keep the original carpet sample you selected and ordered until your new carpet is installed for comparison purposes to ensure you get what you ordered.

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Many homeowners often forget which carpet style and color they ordered, especially if it takes several weeks to deliver the carpet and is scheduled for installation. If you cannot take the carpet samples, you can write down the brand, style number, and color number for future reference. 

Take a photo of the back of the carpet sample showing all the manufacturing details. This is very important, especially if you’re dealing with small retailers because they may not be able to leave you with carpet samples for an extended period of time. 

sk These Key Carpet Buying Questions Before Signing Off for New Carpet

You have the right to know everyone working in your home. Make you write down the full names of the installer, plus the names of his helpers. Ask them to provide you with copies of their liability insurance. Keep this record for future reference if there are any problems or damages to your home due to the installation process.

Ask These Key Carpet Buying Questions Before Signing Off for New Carpet
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If your carpet dealer is providing carpet installation services for you as part of a package deal, then the carpet dealer is responsible for providing you with installers. Plus, the installer should have all his legal and licensing affairs in order.

If you hire installers yourself and pay them directly, you can still ask your independent installer to issue an insurance rider in your name and mail or fax before the installation. Discuss this before ordering your new carpet. You can even seek professional advice from an attorney to ensure you have added protection in some instances.

What to Do On and Before Carpet Installation Day

Before the installers arrive, make sure you have furniture, wall pictures, and knick-knacks removed from rooms to be carpeted. Also, check the carpet color and style to ensure it’s what you ordered immediately after the installers arrive.

Put away all your valuables in a safe and secure location and have your rooms pre-heated to at least 70 degrees, 3 hours before and all during installation. It always helps to learn how to declutter your room and do it ahead of time to make everything easy. If you have kids and pets around, ensure they’re safely out of the way in all areas to be carpeted. Never allow kids and pets to roam free during installation. 

What to Do After Carpet Installation

Walk around your carpeted room with the installer and inspect the job thoroughly before the installer leaves. Make sure you inspect all the carpet seams. Remember that if any seam looks ugly today, there’s no way it will look better in the coming days. In case you see an ugly seam, have it fixed right away and not later unless you’re ordering more carpet to be able to fix it.

Get Your New Carpet Installation Warranty in Writing

Do not make the final payment until you’re completely satisfied with the work. When you pay, get a written invoice with the warranty information and the installer’s signature. All carpeting is warranted for its useful life against failures due to faulty materials or workmanship under normal use. 

Some carpets carry separate warranties against fading and staining. Make sure all your carpet questions and concerns are answered and written down before signing a contract or paying for the carpet.

New Carpet Care and Maintenance

Make sure you read the manufacturer’s carpet stain warranty and follow all the cleaning suggestions and requirements. Learn how to clean your carpet properly, vacuum regularly, and spot clean as necessary but never use bleach unless it’s recommended in your new carpet warranty. Always hire a professional carpet-certified carpet cleaning company.

New Carpet Care and Maintenance
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Never use a store-rented carpet cleaning machine to clean your carpets while still under warranty. Keep all receipts for professional carpet cleanings as you may show them as proof of proper maintenance in case you’re filing a carpet warranty claim.

Keep the original sales receipt forever and never throw them away. Keep all your information in one file for easy reference. You might also want to check with the manufacturer of your new carpet regarding any discounts on future purchases you can get if you’re a loyal customer and refer other people to the store that sold you the carpet.

FAQs on Free Carpet Installation and What to Know Before Buying

Who should move the furniture when you get a new carpet?

Moving the heavy furniture is often best left to the professionals. When you get your new carpet installed, most companies will take care of moving your old one out and bringing the new one in for you, but they might charge a fee or ask that it be paid for in cash.

What are some tips to keep my carpets looking good?

Make sure you vacuum your carpet regularly to remove dirt, debris, and spills. Learn how to properly clean your carpets so that you don’t damage them or leave stains behind. 

Final Thought on Free Carpet Installation and What to Know Before You Buy

It isn’t easy to find a reputable carpet store nowadays. That’s why it’s important to consider carpet stores that are locally owned, give free estimates and offer fair prices. Plus, you should consider carpet stores with knowledgeable staff, provide honest measuring and hire qualified installers. This way, you won’t end up with sub-par carpeting that is poorly installed.


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