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My Recipes: Vietnamese Egg Coffee

If you love the frothy and decadent taste of Dalgona Coffee, you’ll probably enjoy Vietnamese Egg Coffee even more. If you have been to Vietnam, you’ll probably know that their coffee is one of the best!

Here’s how you can make this at home. Continue reading “My Recipes: Vietnamese Egg Coffee”

My Recipes: My Version of Dalgona Coffee

Staying at home for a long time transforms you to anything you want to be. Recently Dalgona coffee is taking over social media for the past days and today I want to become a coffee barista! HAHAHA Continue reading “My Recipes: My Version of Dalgona Coffee”

My Recipes: Protein Pancakes

I’ve been experimenting on different healthy dishes for the past months because I easily get bored with the same food I prep weekly and just today pancakes just came out of my head while doing my laundry (hahaha!). Pancakes that are fluffy on the inside, a little crispy on the outside, and topped with your favorites –  from wild honey, to fresh fruits, to homemade peanut butter. Continue reading “My Recipes: Protein Pancakes”

My Recipes: Breakfast Oats

Making beautiful breakfast oat bowls is currently my thing. Who doesn’t love well plated food before eating them, right? Here’s a simple and healthy breakfast oat recipe that you can enjoy from Monday – Friday! Continue reading “My Recipes: Breakfast Oats”

My Recipes: Vegan-Friendly Pink Smoothie

What’s up everyone!? Let’s start the year with a delicious vegan-friendly pink smoothie recipe. Continue reading “My Recipes: Vegan-Friendly Pink Smoothie”

Personal: My Journey

DIY Mojito at Cebu City Marriott Hotel

Before becoming a blogger, I had zero trust with myself making it to the blogging world. With thousands of bloggers already working their way up and around, what can I offer that will make myself standout?

Q1 of 2016, my girlfriend and I just broke up and I had so much time that I finally reconsidered blogging. I was pretty sure then that I want to focus on food because cooking has always been my passion since I was 10 years old. My next challenge was to come up with a catchy name that will be easy to remember. One day, I got lucky catching up with a good friend (Gino) who helped  me with the brand name Chefbuano (Thanks again, Gino!). Continue reading “Personal: My Journey”

Food & Beverage Reviews: Silly Boy Savory Banana Chips

I love bananas and I use them as one of my main ingredients for my vegan smoothies after my high intensity interval training exercise. However, I’ve never imagined bananas to be chips in a bag until I’ve had my first Chili Barbecue Silly Boy Savory Banana Chips. Continue reading “Food & Beverage Reviews: Silly Boy Savory Banana Chips”

My Recipes: Spicy Chicken in Tomato and Thai Red Curry Sauce + Quinoa for a Sunday Meal Prep

I’ll share the recipe from what I prepared last week below, but first let’s talk about containers.  I can’t tell you how important these are to have on hand because you’re prepping anywhere from 4 – 8 separate meals depending on how much time you have on a Sunday. Continue reading “My Recipes: Spicy Chicken in Tomato and Thai Red Curry Sauce + Quinoa for a Sunday Meal Prep”

Life + Style: Sunday Meal Prep

A few weeks back,  I started my Sunday Meal Prep habit and I’m currently getting the hang of it. Meal preps makes me eat healthier and keeps me on track with my ideal body weight. I usually start planning on a Saturday thinking of a delicious meal that I can eat for four days straight! hahaha! I usually pick any of my usual favorites – coconut milk, tomato, or curry based, anything with lots of garlic or grilled. Continue reading “Life + Style: Sunday Meal Prep”

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