Life + Style: Cebu Goes Culinary 2016: Fruits of the Earth 

The biggest culinary competition is about to happen this July 22-23, 2016 with the theme – Fruits of the Earth. There will be over 20 culinary-related competition and themes from appetizers, hot dishes, desserts, and cocktail mixing. This event is expected to gather 5,000 visitors from all over the Visayas area.

Life + Style: Albert Andrada Exhibit 

Three iconic gowns made by the world renowned designer Albert Andrada is up on diplay at the SM Seaside City Cebu from June 5-12, 2016 at the Seaview Wing. The bloggers from CBS had a chance to interview Albert Andrada and he mentioned choosing Cebu first before LA in showcasing the iconic gowns made for…

Life + Style: Smart Bro 888 – The BEST Pocket WiFi deal ever!

More people are hungry for fast and reliable internet where they can connect multiple gadgets without sacrificing the connection. Smart Bro’s pocket WiFi is now available for a one-time fee of only PhP888. More BRO-kadas all over the Philippines are now taking full advantage and control of their data needs via enjoying faster and more…

Life + Style: Skin 911 Facial & Slimming Center Escario 

    You just have to admit, looking good and staying fit is something we all want. And it’s twice the challenge knowing we have to balance life with work, forgetting to take care of your skin and body. I just hit 30, and sure is not like years back when it’s too easy to…

Life + Style: Sydicato Grooming Co.

📷: Syndicato Grooming Co.   We all know that pomade is a hair styling product that makes your hair slick and shiny. This greasy/waxy product is an alternative to other products like wax, gel and hairspray because it can give you a better control over your hairstyle longer.

Life + Style: Dappertime

Dappertime, Creating Gentlemen They just don’t make beautiful and affordable watches, they also have a collection of cufflinks, knitted neckties to bowties, eyewear to arm candies and other products.