Life + Style: Staying Healthy During the Pandemic

The pandemic is causing a lot of changes in our daily lives. We are social distancing, staying at home and unable to do a lot of other things. It can be easy to slip into unhealthy eating habits during this stay-at-home period, but with little thought and preparation, maintaining a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to…

Life + Style: Sunday Meal Prep

A few weeks back,  I started my Sunday Meal Prep habit and I’m currently getting the hang of it. Meal preps makes me eat healthier and keeps me on track with my ideal body weight. I usually start planning on a Saturday thinking of a delicious meal that I can eat for four days straight! hahaha! I…

Life + Style: Marco Polo Plaza Cebu Celebrates Chinese New Year 2018

Celebrating the Lunar Year at the Marco Polo Plaza Cebu couldn’t be more beautiful . The hotel’s beautiful lobby setup, the spectacular opening ceremony and the best Chinese buffet spread in town that makes you want to spend Chinese New Year at the Marco Polo Plaza Cebu year after year.

Life + Style: Flamenco Azul is Your New Massage Destination in Cebu

In a city where health and wellness is becoming a popular trend, this new salon and spa place quickly rises to the top of my favorite list when it comes to their massage service. Enter Flamenco Azul, a Mediterranean inspired salon & spa in the center of the city that is out to make massage accessible for all.  The spa is…

Life + Style: Landers Superstore Cebu

With a store size of 8000-squaremeter, this is a legit superstore filled with top-notch goods and excellent service for an awesome shopping experience.

Life + Style: LifeDance 2017 – The Country’s Biggest Musical Festival Goes Bigger!

A few days from now, the biggest and grandest music festival is happening at City Di Mare SRP this January 13, 2017.  With an awesome 3-stage setup: Utopia (main stage), Eden (underground music stage), and Solaris  (indie bands stage) headlined by today’s popular international and local artists to create that festival music experience for everyone.