Food & Beverage Reviews: Silly Boy Savory Banana Chips

I love bananas and I use them as one of my main ingredients for my vegan smoothies after my high intensity interval training exercise. However, I’ve never imagined bananas to be chips in a bag until I’ve had my first Chili Barbecue Silly Boy Savory Banana Chips.

Food & Beverage Reviews: The Land of Chocolate at Shangri-La’s

All my life I have always been fond of chocolates. I have often wondered how it feels to stuff my mouth full of these tasteful gastronomic creations until I just couldn’t anymore. One day, I got an invite from Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort & Spa to partake in the launching of a “chocolate event” and I…

Food & Beverage Reviews: Shabu-Shabu Ichiban

Have you tried Shabu-shabu Ichiban? A popular hot pot chain in Nagoya, Japan is now here at the 3F of SM Seaside City Cebu (located at the South Road Properties, Cebu City)!