Food & Beverage Reviews: Silly Boy Savory Banana Chips

I love bananas and I use them as one of my main ingredients for my vegan smoothies after my high intensity interval training exercise. However, I’ve never imagined bananas to be chips in a bag until I’ve had my first Chili Barbecue Silly Boy Savory Banana Chips.

The packaging is pretty decent and attractive, which is a good marketing strategy because you can literally see the bag of chips from a distance. So what’s great about Silly Boy Savory Banana Chips? From the first time I got my hands on it, you can see from the inside that the banana chips are really thin and possibly crispy based from the packaging label. When I opened the bag and took my first bite, it was crispy and savory! The package did not lie! haha! Now I can’t stop eating from one chip to the next!

Now my verdict.

The first bite was like a flavor explosion, the barbecue flavor will hit you first then the heat from the chili next. It has the right amount of the spiciness and its super crispy! I’m giving the Chili Barbecue Silly Boy Savory Banana Chips an 8 out of 10 rating (pretty decent for a local brand :p ).

Barbecue is not my top flavor of choice. Now I’m hoping that their Sour Cream and Onion would not disappoint because that is my favorite flavor. I’m looking forward to try the other flavors and will update you guys through my Instagram (@chefbuano) or maybe a new blog post once I’ve tried the other flavors.

Please follow Silly Boy’s official social media accounts so you can check out their other products and order from there too!

FaceBook: Silly Boy Hot Sauce

Instagram: @sillyboyhotsauce

Check out my video below and let me know once you’ve tried the Silly Boy Savory Chips.

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