Life + Style: Sunday Meal Prep

A few weeks back,  I started my Sunday Meal Prep habit and I’m currently getting the hang of it. Meal preps makes me eat healthier and keeps me on track with my ideal body weight. I usually start planning on a Saturday thinking of a delicious meal that I can eat for four days straight! hahaha! I usually pick any of my usual favorites – coconut milk, tomato, or curry based, anything with lots of garlic or grilled.

Here are some benefits when you prepare your own meal.

EATING HEALTHY. I’ve mentioned this above and I want to say this again. When you plan out your meals ahead of time not only are you learning the art of portion control, but also fueling your body with nutritious food.  My usual exercise includes high intensity interval training (HIIT by The Body Coach) or when I’m bored with my home exercise, then I head out to the gym and box.  It’s so true when they say that “abs are made in the kitchen” – your body requires healthy food for endurance, strength and even weight loss so it’s a no-brainer that consistent meal planning should coincide with your fitness routine.

SAVES YOU TIME. I usually sleep 8-hours a day and I want to keep it that way. Not only does meal prepping help you stay on track with a good healthy eating, but it also gives you more time in the morning or evening to work out, relax or really do whatever you want besides rushing to work or rushing home to cook!

SAVES YOU MOOLAH. This is definitely true for me. I spend a huge amount of money eating out when I’m at work and the options are usually unhealthy.  I usually spend between Php500 – 1500 from Mondays to Friday if I eat out. Now, with my Sunday meal preps, I just spend less than Php500 for my grocery.

Check out the My Recipes section of my blog for a meal prep recipe I cooked last week that I will be posting in a few hours.

If you have questions, please leave a comment below.


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