Travel: Discover Carnaza Island | Full Itinerary + Budget

I’ve never heard of Carnaza Island until someone posted on FaceBook a few months back. Looking at the photos, I immediately want to visit the beautiful island to see it first hand. Carnaza Island is located at the northernmost part of Cebu.You still have a few weeks left to visit this majestic island before the wet season starts. Below is your guide when you visit Carnaza Island & La Manok Island.


5:00AM – Take a bus from the Cebu North Bus Terminal heading to Tapilon Port (Daan Bantayan). PHP212.00

9:00AM – ETA at Tapilon Port. Sign the passenger list and the port guide will assign you to the next banka heading to Carnaza Island. Ride the Mercy Ray banka because its clean and well maintained. Call 09991912473 for their schedule leaving Tapilon Port. PHP200.00

10:30AM – ETA at Carnaza Eco Park. Make sure you contact Diana (‭+63999 860 9761‬) and send her a text message to book your accomodation. Don’t worry if Diana wont respond to your SMS, she already reserved the room for you. PHP100 (entrance fee) | PHP400 (basic non aircon room good for 2) | PHP50 (fee if you have your own tent) | PHP2900 (air-conditioned room good for four includes entrance fee for four)

11:00AM – LUNCH. You can either bring your own food and have the ladies at Carnaza Eco Park cook it or you can order from their basic menu (coffee, soda, canned goods, instant noodles, eggs, bbq and seasonal fresh catch of the day). PHP50-150 per meal (estimate)

12:00PM – Explore the island by renting a motorbike with driver. Head to Skulls

Cove, take a dip and enjoy the warm crystal clear water. Then end your day at Kailinas and enjoy the beautiful sunset while drinking a few bottles of beer. PHP150.00 (motorbike rental per person for the entire day) | PHP20.00 (Kailinas entrance fee) | PHP100.00 (1L Red Horse)

6:00PM – DINNER. Ask your motorbike driver to take you to the nearest BBQ place and have a meal before heading back to the resort. PHP50-100.00 (estimate for the bbq dinner)

7:30PM – Enjoy stargazing by the shore while drinking Emperador Light. PHP120.00 (Emperador) or you can bring your own booze.


8:00AM – BREAKFAST. You can have breakfast at the resort. Ask tatay from the kitchen to prepare coffee (instant), garlic rice, scrambled eggs and corned beef. PHP150.00 (estimate for breakfast)

9:00AM – Head to La Manok Island (45 mins boat ride), enjoy the clearest turquoise water and their white sand beach. Make sure to bring water and probably some fruits while exploring the island. PHP1,000.00 (pump boat rental, you can split the fee with your friends)

1:00PM – Head back to Carnaza and ask the pump boat driver to tour you around the entire island and stop at the coves with shimmering turquoise waters.

3:00PM – LATE LUNCH. If you didnt bring your own food, you can ask the resort to prepare your food. PHP50-100.00 (estimate)

5:00PM – Rent a paddle board and enjoy the beautiful sunset while paddling around the nearby island a few meters from the shore. PHP100.00/hour (paddle board rental)

7:00PM – DINNER. Same options, either cook your own food or order food from the resort. PHP50-100.00 (estimate)

8:00PM – Enjoy the night with friends and drink! Hahaha PHP120.00 (bottle of Emperador)


7:00AM – BREAKFAST. Same options. PHP50-100.00 (estimate)

8:00AM – Head back to Tapilon Port. PHP200

9:30AM – Take a bus from Tapilon Port to Cebu North Bus Terminal. PHP212


TOTAL BUDGET: PHP3,000.00 (estimate)

Other expenses:

PHP10.00 water refill per bottle

PHP100.00 bicycle rental per hour

PHP20.00 motorcycle ride per way

Other things to know:

– there is a market that you can buy fresh fish, meat, canned good. 5 mins away from the eco park

– one person per motorcycle rule in carnaza

– there are restos, bakeshops and stores in Tapilon port

– if the eco park is full, you can pitch your own tent at Kailinas cove or there are houses that accept transient guests. Ask a habal2x driver to take you there.

– the pork bbq at the eco park is dry and salty. Hehe

– there is only one restaurant on the island (Psalms Restaurant), 5 mins from the eco park. Food is just okay and a little pricey.

– selection of booze on the island is limited to beer, tanduay and emperador. I highly recommend to bring bottles of your preferred poison to the island.

** Please DO NOT be a litter bug! ALWAYS CLEAN AS YOU GO. 😊

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  1. janjan says:

    great! no fuss no frills blog. i like it. 🙂
    thanks for sharing your itinerary. be going to carnaza next week and your post is such a help.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. chefbuano says:

      Awww thank you so much! 😊😊😊


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