Food & Beverage Reviews: Shabu-Shabu Ichiban

Have you tried Shabu-shabu Ichiban? A popular hot pot chain in Nagoya, Japan is now here at the 3F of SM Seaside City Cebu (located at the South Road Properties, Cebu City)!

Enjoy unlimited shabu-shabu (hot pot dish) for as low as PhP488/PhP588 per head: PhP688 on weekends (SET A), PhP688/PhP788; PhP888 on weekends (SET B), and PhP1,688/PhP1,788 per head; PhP1,888 on weekends (SET C) which comes with unlimited king crab! On those meal sets, you get to choose premium quality meats (beef & pork), vegetables, noodles, rice and drinks.

Aside from the shabu-shabu, you also get to enjoy other Japanese favorites like their: tuna & salmon sashimi, ebi tempura, sushi and more (refer to the menu for the inclusions).

Thank you, Shabu-Shabu Ichiban for having me.

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