Food & Beverage Reviews: The Many Lives of Chef Andrea | Capitolo IV: Citta e Stile (City and Style)

The last dinner series from the amazing Chef Andrea was special to me in which he featured his heirloom recipes that has uncover the bountiful flavors in his hometown in Turin, Italy. Such a superb dining experience since I could only imagine how its like to be served with meals in the city that is being known with its glorious restaurants. As a good enthusiast, I can’t help but wonder what their variety of cuisine is considering that its land is surrounded by the Alpine mountains with multiple culinary influences from the neighboring cities and France. I’m more than certain that besides the richness of its culture, it has come across strongly an essential ingredients to its flavorful gastronomic journey of Turin. With my new knowledge of The city’s culture and history during the previous dining series plus a couple of research before to making it to fourth installment, my understanding of Turin’s culinary journey has become more relevant. From the city’s abundant supply of dairy products and cheeses, to the varieties of bread and savory baked goods. Not to mention that they are recognized as being the forefront of industrial production of aperitifs (alcoholic drinks served before meals). That only explains how extra special it was to me.

The Jeffrietini by Jeffrey

The fourth installment was totally unique compared from all of my dining experience since it has featured cocktail pairing versus the usual wine pairing. The evening started with a tradition of hearty refreshments from the fields of Piedmont (which I missed however I was able to get some snapshots of the pre dinner venue). All throughout the evening there were two cocktails that were highlighted, Jeffrietini (named after Jeffrey who created the cocktail) and Ferrari. The Jeffrietini is made from vodka infused with citrus, orange liqueur, strawberry puree, lime juice and syrup. I’m pretty sure your are already imagining a refreshing drink on your hand! While the Ferrari is made from proseco, strawberry puree then mixed and served with ice.

Cappellacci pasta with cotechino Bechelli, infused lentils and foie gras

The said dinner started with Cappellacci di cotechino Bechelli, infuso di lenticchie e fegato grasso (Cappellacci pasta with cotechino Bechelli, infused lentils and foie gras) which set a pretty high standard with my palette. The pasta was incredibly good that it created a game in our table to guess when it was prepared. Chef Andrea shared that it was freshly made earlier that day and can be the reason why it perfectly compliments with the rest of the ingredients.

French duck breast, creamy grape sauce, red cabbage

Next dish was Magro d’anantra d’oltraple, salsa all’uva, cavolo rosso (French duck breast, creamy grape sauce, red cabbage) and this was probably the most deliciously sophisticated dish I’ve ever tasted. While savoring its flavor, It made me feel like I’m in an exclusive posh restaurant in Turin. The duck breast was tender and the grape sauce added a different level of foodgasm to the plate.

Saffron and lemon mousse, berries and aged Modena balsamic vinegar coulis

The last meal was a surprise, it was what they fondly call a Soffice allo zafferano e limone, coulis ai frutti di bosco e balsamico di Modena (Saffron and lemon mousse, berries and aged Modena balsamic vinegar coulis) I’m not really big with mousse desserts yet I couldn’t resist to have a spoonful just to get a taste of it. And good thing I did because it was undoubtedly DELICIOUS! I was the first one to finish the course and I ended up wanting more! The dessert had the right balance of tanginess, sweetness and flavors that made this dish a total surprise! There were a couple of liquor dessert shots (peanut crush and forgot the other name of the other shot) that were passed around, but I only had one. I should say it was pretty intense for me so I opted for my favorite Tequila Paloma until the rest of the evening.

MY FAVORITE… Tequila Paloma

The dinner service made me want fly to Turin. I praise Chef Andrea for doing an amazing job creating the menu and made sure that everyone was impressed and delighted with the food. Now I’m totally looking forward to the last series next month that will feature fusion dishes from where Chef Andrea used to work and traveled to including the Philippines. It will be an interesting night that will surely make a noteworthy finish across all the dinner series of The Many Lives of Chef Andrea.


Hearty Refreshments
Liquor Dessert Shots
DJ Nish


Jeffrey making sure that there’s an endless supply of Jeffrietini

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