Life + Style: Beloved Manila Restaurant Jet 7 Bistro is Reopening in November

By Shampoo Padilla-35 (1)
Photo by Shampoo Padilla

One of Manila’s favorite restaurant is coming back.

The business of food will always be a popular choice of industry to get into for a lot of entrepreneurs, yet it deems to be one, if not the most “cutthroat” of industries. People will have to eat, but with the vast choices of restaurants around, what can a restaurant owner do to compete and get the attention of the Filipino food-loving public?

According to an article on *Esquire Philippines, Chef Gene Gonzalez said “Manila is a very cruel place to try to compete in”. While that could be true from a certain viewpoint, it could also be said that any place in the world can be cruel towards businesses, whatever industry it is, and so it is a matter of perspective; the choice to look above and beyond the challenges, and hopefully come out a winner.

The owners then thought, for Jet 7 to grow even bigger; make a distinct mark and not be “just one-of-those-restaurants”, it needed innovators to handle the business. With careful planning, Jet 7 Bistro will be laying its new beginnings this October! Here’s the original **facade of Jet 7 Bistro:


The restaurant, now opening as a diner, will simply be called Jet 7 Bistro Diner. Together with the change in management are new offerings the diner is excited to present. The company is now geared towards serving healthier choices by having an organic and gluten-free menu prepared by it’s new Executive Chef Rowell Gomez. He used to be part of Casino Español and Plantation Bay in Cebu.

Prior to his stint in Cebu, Chef Rowell travelled the world preparing hearty dishes for VIPs in Abu Dhabi, Switzerland, France, Morocco, UK, and Africa. Imagine comfort food with a healthy twist! The new management wants to cater to more guests, thus the decision to keep prices very affordable without sacrificing quality. The plating alone is so impressive!

The new Jet 7 Bistro Diner will also have a “new look” that will make guests feel very comfortable and “at home” the moment they step in. Some qualities which customers loved will still be intact, like the restaurants’ accessibility and impeccable service. With all of these welcome changes, the new diner surely is a must try.

So gather the whole family and head to Jet 7 Bistro’s opening this November and celebrate a new beginning!

Jet 7 Bistro Diner, a family-friendly restaurant serving affordable comfort food staples using organic and gluten free ingredients is located at the G/F President Tower, Timog Ave., corner Scout Ybardolaza, Quezon City.

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