Life + Style: Flamenco Azul is Your New Massage Destination in Cebu

so happy to be here

In a city where health and wellness is becoming a popular trend, this new salon and spa place quickly rises to the top of my favorite list when it comes to their massage service. Enter Flamenco Azul, a Mediterranean inspired salon & spa in the center of the city that is out to make massage accessible for all.  The spa is located at the second level of The Ridges Commercial Center. 

browsing through their spa services

If you have viewed my Facebook live video when I visited Flamenco Azul last Sunday, you will be stepping into an airy, white space with a mixture of blue & woody palettes, and complimented with a minty aromatherapy oil throughout the spa.

Flamenco Azul Salon & Spa offers salon, spa and aesthetic services 

The menu for their body massage services suits everyone’s massage style which will benefit the customer based on how they want to feel when they step out of the door. After looking at the enticing list of massage services, I decided that the combination massage was just what I needed since I was stressed & drained.

getting ready for my massage

I quickly changed into a robe, flip flops and shorts in one of their rooms, where you can easily spot beautiful Mediterranean inspired decors all over the place. Right after a quick tour around the spa and some short photo sessions for my blog, my massage therapist May discussed with me how much pressure I preferred her to use, and then I settled on the massage bed with my face on a very comfortable memory foam pillow.

about to doze off hahaha

May took excellent care of me. She knew exactly when to increase the pressure of her touch based on my specific instructions given right before the massage started. But what really surprised me was that she even massaged my tummy and the top of my chest, something that is very beneficial, especially for digestion and breathing. She finished blissing me out by working on my forehead and my scalp, which are often neglected by other massage therapist.

inside one of their Mediterranean inspired rooms

I was smiling my way out of the massage room because I have found my favorite massage place to date. Flamenco Azul is a retreat in the middle of a busy city, a place that reminds you to pause, recharge and get back into your cycle. If you want to relax or just a massage addict like me, then Flamenco Azul is the right place for you.

ask any of the friendly Flamenco Azul spa therapists to give you the same massage I got.

For inquiries about their salon & spa services or for bookings/appointments, please send them a message through the following options:

Facebook Page : Flamenco Azul Spa

Mobile: (929) 777 3185

Address: 2F The Ridges Commercial Center, F Cabahug St., Kasamabagan Cebu City 6000

Hours: 1:00PM – 12:00AM (Monday to Saturday)

Don’t forget to share your Flamenco Azul experience by writing them on the comments section below.

Photos by Dulce Zambo

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