My Recipes: Mixed Berries and Banana Smoothie

Last week I posted three recipes on how you can make your boring oats into exciting and delicious breakfast meal to kick start your day. Now, I’m trying to experiment on smoothies  and this is my first recipe for the week.

Aside from having this smoothie for breakfast, they are one of my favorite snacks, especially on a hot day.

One thing to watch out for, is that most smoothies that you’d get at a restaurant/cafe have tons of unhealthy sugary additives (like ice cream or frozen yogurt) – which you really don’t need to make smoothies taste good! I like making smoothies at home, because then I can control what’s in them.

And the amazing thing is, it’s super duper easy to make your own smoothies at home: all you need is a blender, a few ingredients, and 5-10 minutes. You don’t even need a knife if you use frozen fruits – which is what this recipe calls for!

Here is a recipe for an easy mixed berry smoothie, and it’s really healthy too.

Total Prep Time: 5-10 minutes

Ingredients (all from Landers Superstore):

2 frozen bananas

1 cup mixed berries (strawberry, blueberry, raspberry and blackberry)

1/2 cup vanilla almond milk

1 tablespoon raw honey

1 tablespoon chia seeds

4 blueberries for garnish


There is only one step, put all the ingredients in a blender except for the last two (chia seeds and the blueberries for garnish).

Once all the ingredients are blended together, pour it in a nice glass and put all the remaining ingredients.

With this recipe, the entire prep and cook time is 5-10 minutes, but you end up with a delicious and super healthy smoothie which is a great option for breakfast or a healthy snack. Hope you enjoy this delicious, cool, nutritious drink!


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