Food & Beverage Reviews: Alice Garden Café and Resto Bar

Their beautiful signage at night

Alice Garden Cafe & Resto Bar just recently celebrated their first year this month and I’m lucky to be invited to try their delicious food. 

My favorite burger steak

Located right beside Cafe Laguna commissary and Camp Lapu-Lapu, this coffee and restaurant is easy to find especially at night since they have a huge signage by the road that shines beautifully at night.

Seafood in olive oil

My personal favorites are their burger steak and seafood in olive oil. They serve mostly Italian dishes and a little bit of Japanese and Filipino food too. Dishes are well priced for me since their serving per dish is pretty generous.

Pork sisig

I was not able to try their coffee since it was pretty late we we got there and I need to sleep after. I might update this blog and share my thoughts about their coffee on my next visit.

Seafood marinara

They have Friday night cosplay and DJs to make your night interesting and fun!

Visit Alice Garden with your friends and enjoy delicious food with awesome company!

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