Food & Beverage Reviews: Siargao’s Best Waffle by DAYO

The DAYO Lifestyle Shack

You must love sweet things because you are reading this blog! Well, you are one lucky reader and even luckier if you are traveling to Siargao or maybe you are in Siargao!

My lightly toasted cream cheese + cookie butter waffle

Waffles are always a good idea may it be for breakfast, lunch or dinner. With waffles from Dayo,  you can choose from 15 different filling like peanut butter, cream cheese, chocolate sauce and even combine different fillings to create your very own custom waffle filling.

Dayo is located right across Arca Hayahay Resort along the Tourism Road. A laid back waffle shack that is hard to miss.  The shack fits perfectly with the Siargao vibes, as it is decorated with local nipa.

Here’s Niño serenading a Russian customer

Aside from their delicious waffles, Dayo also serves biscuits, coffee and tea to their customers and if you get lucky, Niño might give you some island music using his mini guitar.

That’s me enjoying my waffle

Overall, the waffle was light, but very filling so you weren’t left with an unsatisfying cravings towards the end. Since i’m a lover of cheese, I had cream cheese and cookie butter, this was my ultimate waffle!

Dayo Lifestyle Shack

Tourism Road, Siargao Island, Philippines (across Arca Hayahay Resort)

Niño preparing my waffle

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