Travel: Badian Canyoneering Experience For a Lesser Budget

I was born and raised in Cebu City and believe it or not, it’s my first time to experience canyoneering. I’ve seen a couple of Instagram and Facebook videos about it and not until last week when I decided to give it a try.

This blog will give you a detailed breakdown on how much you will be spending from the moment you start taking the bus from the terminal to Badian, Cebu.

Here we go…

We booked our canyoneering package through MCM Badian Canyoneering which includes everything from the entrance fees/access to the canyoneering sites, bike fare (that’s what we call habal-habal in Cebu), free use of their GoPro Hero 4 (don’t forget to bring your own SD card to easily save your photos and videos), a room where you can safely put all your personal belongings & rest after all the jumping, diving & swimming and the best part of the deal is the ‘UNLIMITED FOOD’. This is why I love being a Filipino. At first, I only thought that it was the rice that was ‘unlimited’ meaning we can have rice as long as we wanted to. However,  we were surprised and very happy to find out that indeed the food was ‘unlimited’ so to say. #nomnomnom. We picked the following dishes from their menu: crabs (we got shrimps on the actual day since the crabs were out of stock), fried chicken, pork soup and vegetables since we have a vegan friend joining us.


5:00AM – CERES bus from the South Bus Terminal bound for Bato via Barili.

8:00AM – Arrival at the MCM Badian Canyoneering Office

8:30AM – Took a motorcycle ride to the canyoneering starting point

9:00AM – 2:00PM – Canyoneering Adventure

2:00PM – Canyoneering ended at the Kawasan Falls

3:00PM – Back at the MCM Canyoneering Office

3:15PM – UNLIMITED LUNCH! Food was super delicious!

5:00PM – CERES bus from Badian bound for the South Bus Terminal

8:00PM – Arrival at the South Bus Terminal

Overall, the Badian canyoneering experience was super fun. I’ve tried all the jump offs except for the final 60ft jump off right beside one of the Kawasan Falls. I’m actually looking forward to my next canyoneering experience in December with my cousin from Australia who is also excited for it and by that tine I’d definitely try  to jump off from 60ft! 😜

How about you? Let me know if you’ve tried jumping off from the 60ft waterfall and give me some tips.

Contact MCM Badian Canyoneering:

Facebook Page : MCM Badian Canyoneering

Instagram: @canyoneeringcebu


Mobile: 0977 126 9691 | 0918 240 1229

Address: Matutinao, Badian Cebu


Don’t forget to mention Neil or Chefbuano when booking through them.

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  1. Nora says:

    Hello Neil.. good read! Was wondering how much was the canyoneering fees. How do we get to see the lunch menu & can we choose our options when we book with them prior to the trip? We’ve selective eaters.. hehe.. Thanks 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. chefbuano says:

      Hey Nora! Its 1500 all in! 🙂 that includes all the fees, food and free use of their go pro hero 4. You may contact them in advance for their menu. We did the same coz we had a friend who is vegetarian 🙂


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