Life + Style: Halloween Pool Sunset Session at The Panglao Bluewater Beach Resort

Last Halloween, Bluewater Panglao Beach Resort had its first ever Pool Sunset Session and foam party at their Aplaya infinity pool and beachfront. 

Located at the beautiful island of Panglao,  the Pool Sunset Session started around 4pm with DJs from Bohol and Cebu setting the mood of the sunset party by playing chillout electronic dance music that makes you want to lounge in one of the bean bags right in front of the DJs booth while sipping some delicious signature Bluewater cocktails.

Bluewater Panglao Beach Resort did a pretty good job gathering people from Bohol and from the nearby islands. I had so much fun playing beer pong with a first timer (Guess what? I lost the game! Must be the beginners luck! hahahaha). All throughout the night there were raffle prizes, games and free flowing booze!

Here’s 5 reasons why the Sunset Pool Session should have a part 2 next year!

1. Panglao Bluewater Beach Resort is the perfect location for a sunset pool party.

2. Tickets are always affordable.

3. Top DJs playing electronic dance music all night.

4. Meeting new friends is always a plus.

5. When you are super tired from partying, a super comfortable room from Panglao Bluewater Beach Resort is waiting for you a few meters from the party venue.

Thank you, Panglao Bluewater Beach Resort for having me again! You guys are spoiling me too much!

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