Food & Beverage Reviews: Ulli’s Street of Asia – Your Asian street food fix.

I’m very excited writing this blog post because I will be travelling around Southeast Asia in a couple of days. When in Cebu and you’re craving for street food from Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and other asian countries, Ulli’s Street of Asia is the best place to eat and dine comfortably. Its unique name originated from the owners term of endearment for their grandmother, Julita “Julie” Urbina.

Sentosa Cooler (cucumber, pineapple and green apple)


Ulli’s serve a variety of delicious asian food from noodles, curry, meat, seafood and vegetable dishes. To top your dining experience, Ulli’s offer over 10 combination of fresh juices with unique names.

tori-tori platter

Ulli’s is located on the rooftop garden of Ayala Center Cebu and also at Mactan-Cebu International Airport.


Operating  hours : 11am-11pm
Contact number: +63 32 231 3553


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