Food & Beverage Reviews: Parilya – Cebuano Seaside Dining 


Location : Il Corso, City di Mare, SRP, Cebu

Hours     : 11:00am-10:00pm

Contact  : +63 32 511 8832

The newest restaurant of the Laguna Group is Parilya, a restaurant that serves 70-80% of Cebuano dishes and delicacies. It’s location is perfect for an Al fresco dining experience whether you are enjoying lunch or dinner with a fantastic view of the sea. The restaurant serves the following signature dishes: boneless lechon, baked scallops, shrimps, crabs, chorizo, humba, chicken inasal and other local favorites.

boneless lechon (seasoned with the most basic ingredients and a 7-month old pig to get that tender meat after roasting)
boiled crabs in salt water
kankong in gata
left: mango pandan | right: mango otap

The restaurant has 100 seating capacity inside the air conditioned area and a 120 seating capacity at the Al fresco area. Right after eating a truck-load of delicious food, I had food coma! Hahaha It’s the perfect time to have a delicious cup of cafe americano and enjoy the lovely view of sea.

cafe americano

Don’t forget to like them on Facebook – Parilya, follow them on Instagram – @ParilyaPH and use their official hashtag – #ParilyaPH when uploading your favorite memories with Parilya! 🙂



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