Life + Style: Sydicato Grooming Co.

📷: Syndicato Grooming Co.


We all know that pomade is a hair styling product that makes your hair slick and shiny. This greasy/waxy product is an alternative to other products like wax, gel and hairspray because it can give you a better control over your hairstyle longer.

Since pomade is making a comeback and are becoming more popular than ever due to hairstyles like the “undercut”, “pompadour”, and the “quiff” which are very sought-after these days.

Syndicato Grooming Co. started last 2015 with an experimental vanilla ice scent. Now, they have 3 scents available:

  • Orange & Spice
  • Snowberries
  • Christmas Pine

 📷: Syndicato Grooming Co.

Syndicato’s pomade is oil based with an awesome hold that can last the entire day and you can re-style it anytime you want. You can easily shampoo the product without residues which is a huge plus to this brand. It provides a super slick look to your classic hairstyle. The scent is mild  that will last all day too. Starting price is PhP250 which is a fair price for a premium pomade brand.


Please like their Facebook page: Syndicato Grooming Co. and follow them on Instagram: @syndicatogroomingco for product orders and updates.



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