´╗┐My Recipes: Weekend Juicing

It’s been a couple of months since I stopped dieting and exercising. But now that I have my new blog, it inspires me to journey with you towards fitness.   Here’s our first step to getting fit!

My Recipes: Vietnamese Spring Rolls

I first tried this spring roll at my cousin’s place and in an instant I fell in love with it. Since then I’ve been fascinated with Vietnamese cuisine because of the fresh and flavorful ingredients being used. I had my cooking class last year in Ho Chi Minh with Chef Khang to improve and validate…

Life + Style: Sydicato Grooming Co.

­čôĚ: Syndicato Grooming Co.   We all know that pomade is a hair styling product that makes your hair slick and shiny. This greasy/waxy product is an alternative to other products like wax, gel and hairspray because it can give you a better control over your hairstyle longer.

´╗┐Life + Style: Dappertime

Dappertime, Creating Gentlemen They just don’t make beautiful and affordable watches, they also have a collection of cufflinks, knitted neckties to bowties, eyewear to arm candies and other products.

My Recipes: Beef Stroganoff

This popular Russian dish is also a Cebuano favorite. Let me teach you the easiest way to cook a delicious bowl of beef stoganoff.