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March 2016

My Recipes: Shrimps in Garlic & Butter Sauce

Here’s the most requested recipe for the past two weeks! Now you can cook this easily at home or on a casual weekend cook out with friends like I always do. 🙂

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Life + Style: Skin 911 Facial & Slimming Center Escario 


📷: Skin 911


You just have to admit, looking good and staying fit is something we all want. And it’s twice the challenge knowing we have to balance life with work, forgetting to take care of your skin and body. I just hit 30, and sure is not like years back when it’s too easy to lose that weekend alcohol binge on late night outs.  Continue reading “Life + Style: Skin 911 Facial & Slimming Center Escario “

My Recipes: Weekend Juicing

It’s been a couple of months since I stopped dieting and exercising. But now that I have my new blog, it inspires me to journey with you towards fitness.


Here’s our first step to getting fit!

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(ENDED) Giveaways: Syndicato Grooming Co.

As promised, Chefbuano & Syndicato Grooming Co. will be giving away 9 premium pomades by simply following the contest mechanics below. Continue reading “(ENDED) Giveaways: Syndicato Grooming Co.”

My Recipes: Vietnamese Spring Rolls

I first tried this spring roll at my cousin’s place and in an instant I fell in love with it. Since then I’ve been fascinated with Vietnamese cuisine because of the fresh and flavorful ingredients being used. I had my cooking class last year in Ho Chi Minh with Chef Khang to improve and validate my knowledge with Vietnamese cooking.

This is a perfect recipe for an interactive cookout with friends!

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Life + Style: Sydicato Grooming Co.

📷: Syndicato Grooming Co.


We all know that pomade is a hair styling product that makes your hair slick and shiny. This greasy/waxy product is an alternative to other products like wax, gel and hairspray because it can give you a better control over your hairstyle longer.

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My Recipes: Grilled Salmon w/ Mango Yogurt Sauce

Here’s a simple and easy to prepare salmon recipe that will surely impress your friends when you invite them for lunch.

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Life + Style: Dappertime

Dappertime, Creating Gentlemen

They just don’t make beautiful and affordable watches, they also have a collection of cufflinks, knitted neckties to bowties, eyewear to arm candies and other products. Continue reading “Life + Style: Dappertime”

My Recipes: Beef Stroganoff

This popular Russian dish is also a Cebuano favorite. Let me teach you the easiest way to cook a delicious bowl of beef stoganoff. Continue reading “My Recipes: Beef Stroganoff”

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